Classical Style Kitchens from Stosa

Classical Style Kitchens from Stosa

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There are still a lot of people out there who prefer the old warm traditional type kitchens than the modern glossyminimalistic ones. This collection from Stosa is meant for those people and it rediscovers the kitchen as the centre of family life, a miniature world all of its own in which to live and work.

The cabinets come with different finishes from Italian Walnut to Limed Oak. Images follow:

Kitchen made of Italian Walnut

Kitchen made of Light Blue Ash finish

Kitchen made of Limed oak

Kitchen made of magnolia lacquered ash

Kitchen made of acacia decapé wood

Kitchen made of antique finish walnut

Kitchens made of Cherry wood

Kitchen made of antique finish Cherry wood

Kitchen made of chestnut wood natural finish

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