Pretty Contemporary Interiors

Pretty Contemporary Interiors

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With these interiors, 3D artist Svetlana Nezus has created a series of rooms that are not only realistic and welcoming, but overwhelmingly pretty. By including timeless design elements like tufted headboards and gauzy curtains, these rooms feel modern but also like a place your grandmother might be comfortable.

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The massive headboard in this bedroom makes the bed nook distinct from the nearby work area. The use of massive shelving units means tons of storage for things that you may not want on display while also dividing the room.

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This modern kitchen makes use of a small floor space but does not skimp on counters. A center island could easily be used for storage, meal preparation, or as it is styled here as a comfortable breakfast area.

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The bamboo wall treatment in this small bedroom adds a splash of color without detracting from the overall natural feel of the room – taken from the hardwood floors and bonsai elements.

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This elegant dining room packs many uses into another small space. By using the sofa as the fourth side of the table, more guests can be welcomed while still having a comfortable place to sit when no one is around. The deep purple dining chairs are modern while still calling to mind classic French styles.

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This pretty bedroom could easily be home to a high school girl with good taste. The flowery accent wall looks antique but not stuffy while the purple curtains let in sunlight and add a feminine color palette.

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The creative sputnik chandelier in this bedroom makes it a bit more playful than the other designs in this collection, but the wood and natural elements keep in firmly in Nezus’ wheelhouse of classic style.

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With a bit more space to work with, this country chic look uses tile and wood elements along with wonderful lighting and a portable island to create any home chef’s dream kitchen.

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