Three Striking Modern Home Designs

Three Striking Modern Home Designs

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Three cohesive apartment décor schemes, designed by Pavel Vetrov, make up this collection of modern home ideas. Featuring a marvelous monochromatic vision, a refreshing approach to warming a scheme with wood tone, and an open plan with fun vivid accents.

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This sophisticated black and gray design uses pattern and texture to bring all of the interest. A large geometric patterned area rug demands attention in the living area, along with a heavily textured feature wall that is highlighted by an illuminated TV surround.

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Upon the eye-catching rug, two clean lined sofas sit in an L-shaped arrangement, one in front of a softly dressed window and the other sectioning off the kitchen dining area. The scatter cushions on the seating have been kept subtle and plain so as to avoid fighting with the busy floor treatment.

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All of the lighting, the tall arc lamp and the mixed silhouette kitchen pendant shades, have been selected in a smooth black finish.

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The over-table pendant light in the kitchen has been selected for its similarity in shape to that of the eight contemporary dining chairs.

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The kitchen units are dark and dramatic, with a complimentary gray backsplash.

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The wall art too is of a monochromatic style.

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The floor of the kitchen diner is tiled in ice white, providing a stark contrast to the deep brown wooded floor of the living room.

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In this second home design, each shelving alcove has been backed with warm wood grain that is applied in a checkerboard effect. The rotating grain provides a beautiful effect, making a refreshing change from singular slabs.

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Sheer drapes diffuse the incoming daylight and provide privacy.

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A dinky home office area makes superb use of a small space.

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A mirrored finish makes an attractive feature out of an ordinary architectural feature.

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Scattered lime green accent pieces provide a fun freshness to this third home.

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Bright green dining chairs are matched by a run of sweet pendant lamps over the bar area.

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An unusual striped backsplash gives the kitchen added wow factor.

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