A Literary Take on Fantasia Interior Designs

A Literary Take on Fantasia Interior Designs

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Literature can provide great inspiration for interior design. A favorite passage from a book can provide inspiration for a color scheme, decorative choices, or even the mood of a space. Looking at selected designs from the portfolio of Fantasia Interior, we found inspiration on our own bookshelves, matching literary works to several spaces. The minute we saw the photos, we though of these titles.

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1. Sense Sensibility: As the designer writes in its description of the space “Sense is stable. Sensibility is volatile.” Like Jane Austen’s Sense Sensibility, this apartment combines the best of both worlds. Calming neutrals receive new life with pops of pattern from a textured throw pillow on the armchair and a houndstooth pillow on the sofa.

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Wide ranges of materials (cold marble, warm wood, and soft leather) stack to create layers to the space, infusing contemporary architecture’s sense with sensibility.

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The kitchen and dining area, while minimalist in style and completely functional, also have a touch of whimsy, as evidenced by the storage lighting, soft window treatments along the wall, and touches of luxurious marble as a divider to the two rooms.

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Above both the kitchen bar and the dining area, you’ll find striking light fixtures that cast a soft glow over their chosen spaces. With lots of clean lines and angles, the choice of soft colors and warm lighting makes it feel smart, cozy, and sophisticated.

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The marble in the kitchen can also be found along the back wall of the living area, serving as a luxe anchor for the TV. A mirrored ceiling adds space and creates a sense of height.

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Stable and rhythmic vertical lines create a great contrast with the geometric design of the floor. In the enlarged foyer, you’ll find a stainless steel mirror that reflects the warm sunlight into the open space.

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In one bedroom, form plays with function with ample storage above the bed, a unique swiveling TV, and plenty of light thrown by the large windows.

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In another bedroom, an en-suite desk provides a comfortable workspace while open shelving lies awaiting treasures for curation. It’s the light cast through the structured shades, however, that may be the most unique piece. Softness is lent by textured textiles.

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2. 50 Shades of Grey: The striking grey color palette of this next design had us thinking of the famous erotic novel. Like the title character, Christian Grey, this space feels sophisticated, steely and masculine, but with a softer side beneath. The old and the new, the classic and the modern, blend together seamlessly throughout the living room. For example, the TV is surrounded by an exquisite mantelpiece, making the art of enjoying a favorite show or movie feel even more decadent. Along the wall, floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of light over the contemporary furnishings. It’s the striking molding and architectural details, though, that make this space a stunner.

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Like a shock to the senses and an exploration of all things sensual, the room is anchored by keep design elements that are very reflective of masculine and feminine energy. In the foyer, a light green pear sculpture adds a pop of color and curves to an otherwise clean and angled space. Feminine dining chairs in a curvaceous shape are paired perfectly with rich wood. Warm lighting and shiny metallic fixtures play and make the room sparkle.

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In the bedroom, striking marble plays a playful part in the 50 shades motif, rounding out the neo-classical details found throughout the space. Pure sophistication at its finest.

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3. Treasure Island: The glitter of treasure, the polished wood of a ship, the sense of potential and adventure – it can all be found in a way within this apartment. The wooden floor is paneled and has an oiled finish, much like a ship. A unique feature of the space is imported degradable recycled wallpaper. The specially designed television cabinet is used to separate the working area of the study and the living room, allowing light to flow freely.

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According to the designer, a beveled triangular area comes into view when entering the room. This space is designed to serve three main functions, ensuring maximum capacity. They write,”The first is the cloakroom; vintage rustic metal and tile are paired with light color pebbles, the contrast of light and dark colors creates a contemporary vibe. Entering the dining area it transforms into a German Dual Zone Wine Cellar, becoming a compact mini bar when equipped with wine glass rack.” The final purpose of the space is for storage.

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A clear glass panel separates the foyer’s sitting area from the rest of the house.

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In the open dining area, the space is configured with L-shaped cooking area, making it easy to move around in.

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But the real stunner, and treasure of the house, is the chandelier. The anchor of the room is a double layer Swarovski chandelier custom-ordered by the designer for the hostess The center island showcases an expandable design allowing for entertaining even with limited space.

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In the bedroom, the bed is anchored by a stunning photo of two sailboats. One could imagine falling asleep listening to waves and dreaming of sea spray.

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The other bedroom calls to mind Captain Silver, with plenty of silver tones in the room’s textiles. There’s softness with the feathers patterned in the wallpaper, quilted headboard, and plush rug.

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Finally, in this space, one feels like they are below deck in a luxurious cabin. The window might as well be a porthole on the ship, sailing on to another adventure.

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4. The Great Gatsby: While this apartment may not have a 1920’s or art deco theme, it does capture the luxury and style one might find in Gatsby’s home. We open on the living room, showcasing a neo-classical style brought up to date with contemporary furniture and luxe detailing. Rich wood creates built-in shelving along the back wall, forming a bookcase. The table on the back of the sofa doubles as a workspace. One could imagine sitting here and writing the next American novel, like Nick in the story writing his tales of Gatsby, or F. Scott Fitzgerald himself.

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Polished wood, touches of crystal, leather, and gilded furnishings suggest real style. This space doesn’t just look beautiful – it feels indulgent. Artwork fills the space, lending color.

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Throughout the entire space, one can appreciate the stunning molding and architectural detailing. It is bold, sophisticated.The light fixture over dining table shines in a brilliant gold while polished leather chairs invite you to sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

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Throughout the entire space, one can appreciate the stunning molding and architectural detailing. It is bold, sophisticated.The light fixture over dining table shines in a brilliant gold while polished leather chairs invite you to sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

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It’s the bedroom, however, that’s all Daisy. It’s pretty, whimsical, and romantic. It’s love, incarnate, in a bedroom. This is the way that Gatsby sees Daisy. The promise of happiness, the sparkle of laughter, stunning beauty – all captured here.

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