A Stunning Apartment With Colorful Geometric Design

A Stunning Apartment With Colorful Geometric Design

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This modern apartment uses stylish blue and orange paint to transform the walls with optical illusions. PLASTERLINA recently completed the design of this colorful geometry-inspired interior in Poznan, titled #Technicolor to match its vivid palette. The overall style is undeniably contemporary but there are a few traditional elements used for emphasis throughout – nice inspiration for anyone planning a conversion or restoration, or anyone who just loves geometric decor themes and energizing colors. This post explores the public areas of the apartment in detail.

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Carefully-chosen shades of paint create dimensional polygons on chosen accent walls – the flat walls suddenly take on a rich sense of depth, but with impossible geometry. Each small mural is a work of art.

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The color scheme gets its energy from the gorgeous contrast of deep orange and flattering blue.

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A selection of wooden furniture ties into the theme of the dining room. We’ll explore that room later. This wheeled wooden table invokes a rustic and charming appeal that contrasts with the ultra-modern design of the room.

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Love the faceted geometric lamp! The #homey hashtag on the wall draws a nice connect with the video game inspired polygon theme.

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Because comfort is still the top priority in any home, this space relies on stylish yet cozy elements to warm it up a bit – like cable knit pillows and a big sunny hammock.

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The attractive bookshelf comes with niches in all different sizes, some with open shelves and some with doors. This larger cabinet could hold anything from spare blankets to extra vases. Very useful!

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As a tranquil and calming color, the blue accent wall proves to be an excellent location for the home office. The lightweight a-frame table doesn’t obstruct much of the gorgeous color behind it.

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Notice how the walls slant forward to meet the brick? This dramatic effect is enhanced even further by the light of the officefloor lamp.

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This cool dividing wall might qualify as a workable DIY idea, created by stringing a long piece of colorful rope through carefully-spaced hooks.

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Gray floors and ceilings begin with long slanted edges leaning toward the hallway, meeting the brick on the other side.

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Exposed brick brings a little traditional charm to the comfortable dining room. The sculptural edge on the wooden table and the indoor herb planters give this space a free and natural aesthetic compared to the precise angles and palettes of the living room.

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It even includes a wood stove with clean lines and curvaceous legs, topped with a handy storage niche above.

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Two rectangle frames center the table and provide an adjustable mount for the group of lights.

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Check out the cool modular wall garden! If it weren’t for the difficulty of mounting towels in brick, this would make a great weekend project! The plants are set into boards that rest easily on the pegs and can be rearranged at will.

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On the other side of the room, the black wall with varied black photo frames (above the piano) is the definition of “totally doable” DIY.

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The split ceiling and floor paint theme widens as it traverses the dining room.

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Here’s a view of the traffic path as seen through the kitchen door.

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This galley kitchen jumps right back into the ultra-contemporary design theme with opposing orange and blue walls, brightened by a singular window at the end of the room.

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A cute breakfast nook occupies the alcove to the left.

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Note that the colorful wall to the right actually has a white background. The alcove seems to throw a brilliant blue shadow toward the doorway.

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The alcove itself is pretty inspiring. It features a built-in wine rack, a book shelf, and a useful chalkboard wall!

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The actual workspace offers an interesting optical effect. The workspace aligns flush with the lower cabinets, but stands out from the wall above. This colorful “self-contained” style of backsplash is unforgettable.

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Even the bathroom uses bold blocks of color to make an immediate impression. Here, a single white stripe circles the center of the room.

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Cantilever sinks hover over the vanity, a contemporary design choice that reflects the optical illusions found elsewhere. It must make cleaning the countertop so much easier.

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These hanging towel racks are a cute touch…

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…and so are the peg-and-board shelves.

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The smooth white hallway is flanked by natural brick on either side, one decorated with an oversized mirror that helps brighten the space despite a notable lack of natural lighting.

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A minimalistic flat black wardrobe has a shelf and a table to catch all the necessities as you walks in the door.

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The layout of the hallway gives hints as to where the geometry-inspired theme came from.

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