Chilled Out Modern Home in Muted Colour

Chilled Out Modern Home in Muted Colour

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Three bedrooms and 99 square meters provide the canvas for this chilled out interior design, visualised by Lera Brumina. Located in Minsk, Belarus, this open plan home might be at the cutting edge of home decor with its geometric furniture and accessories but the atmosphere is of a relaxed vibe. There is no garish use of colour to achieve modernity here; smooth walnut and shades of grey work alongside pure white but the scheme is not devoid of colour either. Muted tones of dusky purple, sky blue and bottle green are used over large areas, with the occasional controlled accent splash of red for added interest.

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Beginning in the open plan living room that leads through to a kitchen dining area, we’re met with what appears to be a largely colour free scheme. The sofa, armchair and large geometric rug move through a spectrum of grey. The walls are white and the most colourful shade in the room is provided by the smooth walnut wood tone of a wall mounted entertainment unit that matches the arms and legs of the comfortable chair.

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Through a set of interior glass doors we’re able to see a slight hint of some colour. The internal glass wall feature allows natural daylight to shine through from the living room windows into the back rooms.

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Behind the sitting area we see that the kitchen diner cohesively matches the palette of the lounge.

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The living room is visible from almost every other room in the home. From this direction, we can make out a home office and a master bedroom suite through the glass door panels.

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The home office is made up of a run of tall russet brown cabinets. Nearby, an arrangement of storage units are coated with a hint of teal to create subtle yet effective contrast.

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The interior glazed doors and the external windows are framed out in black for a strong contemporary look.

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The dining room suite is comprised of super modern black dining chairs and table, which is topped in blue.

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The unusual blue dining table top is under the spotlight of a large white curvaceous dining pendant.

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The kitchen has one full height refrigerator cabinet followed by a stretch of handle-free base and wall units. The countertop task area appears as though it has been cut away out of one entire volume. A gold rail stretches from one end of the backsplash to the other, the full width of the room. Hanging on the rail are a collection of gold pots, pans and kitchen accessories. The shining gold elements sing against a matte black backsplash.

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Leading away from the walnut coloured kitchen, a set of walnut storage cabinets line the length of the entry hallway. On the opposite side to the hall cupboards, walnut panelling clads the wall to mirror the tone.

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A large piece of framed wall art works to break up the expanse of wood.

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Along the far wall of the hallway we find yet more tall cupboards, topped with smaller cabinets. All of this storage enables the apartment to maintain a relaxed tidy environment. There is no excess mess to look at and worry about when it is all concealed behind closed doors. Between two of the double-door units we find a built-in bench with ruddy coloured cushion, where one might sit down for a moment just to pop on shoes. A backlit mirror fills the void above the shoe-bench, for checking appearances in before flying out the door.

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In the master bedroom, just off the living room, the headboard wall is lined with a padded purple installation. The soft colour and sound absorbing nature of the plum panels creates a quiet environment to induce restful sleep.

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A vanity shelf is mounted directly onto an entirely mirrored wall. Sitting at the gold topped vanity unit is a powder blue dressing table stool, with a matching trim at its base.

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The simplistic design of the black wardrobes at the opposite end of the master bedroom makes them fade into the background, as if they were just a painted wall rather than added furniture.

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The child’s bedroom is an entirely lighter and brighter affair, decked out in sky blue. Half height blue walls meet with matching blue cupboards. A kid’s chair sits at a desk area that is handy for homework and crafts.

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The desk runs beneath a mezzanine bed where the wardrobes are also tucked away – finished in sky blue too of course. The barrage of blue is broken by a red railing and ladder, which add a warm element of fun to the cool colour scheme.

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The blue units wrap around three whole walls of the kid’s room.

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The family bathroom is tiled top to bottom in deepest bottle green. Again, red has been used as an accent to cut through an expanse of singular colour.

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A contemporary mirror glows brightly in the dark scheme.

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