A Rio de Janeiro Residence with Lush Jungle Vibes

A Rio de Janeiro Residence with Lush Jungle Vibes

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When you live in a beautiful natural climate, it is only also natural that you want to include the seasons, the outdoors, and the local plant life in your home. Such is the case with this single-family residence from the architects at Gaudenzi in the stunning hills of Rio de Janeiro. The home featured in this post is 502.57 square meters (5409 square feet) and was designed for a young couple with a small daughter. One look and you will see exactly how lucky that little girl will be growing up in this lush paradise. Each room of the home takes full advantage of natural lighting, local elements, and of course the jade green vegetation that surrounds the house.

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The home is located in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, which is privy to a particularly welcoming climate.

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Even a glimpse of the home’s exterior brings a rush of excitement for the greenery that abounds.

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From the street, the home’s lovely exterior is all but hidden away behind vibrant leaves.

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But the greenery just makes the house that much more intriguing — it is impossible to see those shades of green and not want to peek at what’s underneath.

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The interior does not disappoint with its wide open floorplan and vaulted ceilings.

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An uncluttered design allows the eye to linger on each element from the rich wood flooring to the vintage-style furnishings and carefully arranged shelving.

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In lieu of large pieces of artwork, floating shelves turn the family’s books into their own work of art.

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The greenery from outside has even managed to wind its way into the house in the form of a few well-chosen houseplants.

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A large dining table is much more than a family of three needs for themselves, but gives a wonderful excuse for boisterous dinner parties and extended family visits.

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The staircase that hugs the wall coming down from the second story adds a bit of industrial edge to the interior.

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Open wooden steps overlook a very homey collection of wall hooks for hats, jackets, and accessories.

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Of course the second floor also gives a great vantage point for whatever may be going on down below.

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Oversized lighting pendants are necessary for when the natural light disappears below the horizon.

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The parallel paneling on the ceiling is another attractive detail.

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The upper level plays home to even more houseplants as well as sleek wood flooring of its own.

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Direct sunlight gives life to a stacked herb garden outside while a spiral staircase makes its way in.

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One of those boisterous dinner parties could certainly result in a guest spending the night cozily in the outdoor hammock.

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Vines climb outdoor posts, creating a stunning place to host guests in the courtyard.

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The red tinted wood used the outdoor deck is quite stunning as well.

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The patterned tile and reclaimed wood dining table make this a welcoming space.

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Both levels of the home indulge in its obsession with plant life.

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Finally, Brazil’s blue sky makes for the perfect backdrop for this urban oasis.

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