Snazzy Modern Flat With Rustic Meets Industrial Decor

Snazzy Modern Flat With Rustic Meets Industrial Decor

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Colour flashes strike through this Industrial style interior with homey rustic touches, designed by Joy Chen. A traditional arched timber door provides a welcoming entryway into the open plan apartment. Inside we find an industrial style brick wall living room; a glass wall office design that doubles as a guest bedroom; one peacefully decorated master suite and two striking bathroom decor schemes. A dark glossy floor provides watery reflections of modern furniture pieces in the main living space, which is overtaken by wood and tile in the master bedroom and bathrooms. Modern lighting solutions are picked out in a black finish, contrasting against pure white ceilings and walls to keep the look sharp and edgy.

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The glass wall office design, which also doubles as a guest bedroom, stands to one end of the brick wall living room. The glass cube is framed and lined with smooth woodtone to define it from the rest of the fluid layout. With the glazed doors drawn back, the study area stands as part of the main living space, facing directly into the lounge area. A red desk chair provides a wonderfully uplifting colour clash with a bright yellow modern sofa.

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With the home office by the home entry end of the living room, the kitchen takes up the far side of the apartment. A dining table runs straight off a central kitchen island.

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Four wooden dining chairs surround the modern table.

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A set of three nesting coffee tables take up the centre spot in the lounge, with no area rug underneath. The glossy floor treatment runs through unobstructed, providing a wonderfully deep base of shadows and reflection. To tie the sofa in with the colourway of the coffee tables, a monochrome throw is strewn across its vivid upholstery.

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A large flat screen tv is mounted onto the raw brick wall of the living room, making it comfortably viewable from the lounge sofa, office desk chair and dining table.

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The floor fan that complements the industrial style of the room is the Swiss designed Otto fan.

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The open plan kitchen is an amalgamation of wood tones, stainless steel and a monochrome tile backsplash.

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The kitchen island has a stainless steel wrap around countertop, which matches with a modern kitchen hanging rack above it. Two swivel bar stools perch at the kitchen island as a casual dining option.

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Two chic black and copper kitchen pendant lights have been suspended over the eating area. A copper fruit bowl and planter dress the tabletop.

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Bespoke cabinetry has been built in a chamfered design, to lead smoothly into a hallway.

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Wire fencing has been utilised as an industrial chic room divider between the living room and the connecting space. It provides a transparent solution with a strong look.

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When the glass walls are closed around the home office/guest bedroom, the beautiful Bellini chair still strikes a chord with its standout red finish.

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Double banked shelving on tracks provides an interesting office storage solution.

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The oval desk with integrated drawer system dominates the small bedroom. The workspace is lit by plentiful track lighting, which nestles between wooden ceiling slats.

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The master bedroom is a much more restful place than the guest bed. White and blue decor has a calming effect in this minimalistic scheme. Wood grain furniture is lifted up off the floor to keep the room looking uncluttered and streamlined.

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A sleek white wall sconce unfolds to light the wall mounted bedside unit at one side. The cute bell shaped bedroom pendant light is the Caravaggio Pendant by Cecilie Manz for Lightyears. Purple home decor accessories add a little more colour to the calming room design, in the shape of a decorative glass vase on the dressing table, and as patio furniture beyond glass balcony doors. The chair at the dressing table matches those used out in the main living room at the dining table. Utilising the same style of chair elsewhere in the home means that there is an extra chair on hand to accommodate an extra diner if and when required.

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The shower room is a bold design, covered with black and white hexagonal tiles from ceiling to floor. A couple of planters add a spike of greenery to the predominantly dark decor. An illuminated bathroom mirror glows above an industrial style vanity unit. A black and white vessel sink completes the top of the wall mounted piece.

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A unique bathroom sink awaits in a much softer bathroom scheme. This time, a rustic wooden vessel sink completes the vanity unit. Above this wall mounted piece, a backlit round vanity mirror emanates its light over large square wall tiles. A black freestanding bath tap fills a traditionally inspired black and white roll top bath.

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LED floor lights beat a path toward the rustic arched entry door. A black track light follows in line along the ceiling.

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Smooth timber door panels and surrounds cut through the raw brickwork wall.

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